Long ago there were no demons, only angels.

Then God created humanity.

Everyone knows the story of Lucifer’s rebellion and the war in Heaven. You certainly do. You’ve run it over in your mind a hundred thousand thousand times since you Fell.

You were one of the rebel angels who defied their Creator and for their rebellion were cast into the Abyss, a prison hidden deep beneath the lands of the dead. Over the millennia, the angel you were has been twisted by suffering, manifest in the form of your Torment.

Lately, after thousands and thousands of years, cracks have appeared in the walls of the Abyss. Cracks small enough to allow the smallest and weakest of the Fallen (like you) to escape. Fighting both the force of the storm and the pull of the Abyss, you’ve made your way back to the material realm.

The only way you can remain there, however, is by taking a host – preferably a mortal whose soul is weakened enough to allow you to gain a foothold.

There’s a wrinkle, though. The process of possession exposed you to your host’s memories.

You discovered a deep-seated streak of humanity in your host, be it love, courage, ambition, curiosity, or even rage – something strong enough to shock you out of your Torment, to remind you of the angel you once were. These human memories and emotions act as a bulwark against your Torment, shutting out the memories of the Abyss, restoring you to some semblance of sanity.

You’ve been given a second chance by the memories of your mortal host.

What you may make of it, however, is another story.

Demon: The Center of Chaos

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